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DURATION: 2 days

Why do some organisations radically improve their performance through business process change initiatives while others fall short? In this Advances Business Process Management MasterClass from international subject matter expert Alec Sharp, you will gain proven and repeatable methods and a framework for success. In particular, individual and organisational behaviour and culture can often defy analysis, but specific techniques for discovery and assessment of these soft factors are a centerpiece of this unique course. The emphasis is on methods that support shared understanding and engagement, leading to buy-in.

You will learn how to identify the right processes to improve and understand the ‘human’ factors in making changes and design processes which really work. This course will leave you well prepared to face the challenges that come with business process analysis and design.

Intended for:

Anyone involved in Business Analysis, Business Change, and Business Process Management especially:

  • Business process management professionals
  • Process Analysts and Designers
  • Process Architects
  • Senior Business Analysts
  • Project / Program Managers
  • Also, Business Managers responsible for effecting process change, and organisation development professionals needing to learn more about business processes.


It would be helpful to have some practical experience with process analysis and redesign, or an introductory course in working with business processes. A suggested lead-in course is our Business Process Modelling course.


Learning outcomes:
By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Communicate about business process with key stakeholders
  • Develop a process architecture
  • Encourage change by discovering relevant human, organisational, and cultural factors
  • Gain techniques for maximising engagement and process
  • Design for success—creating an implementable and sustainable business process

Method used

Lecturing is kept to the minimum necessary, most of the learning is achieved through applying the practices and techniques in group exercises.

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Course outline:
Advanced Business Process Management Outline (PDF)