Coaching & Assessments

Coaching and Mentoring

Our coaching and mentoring programs work in conjunction with training and will help you to put your learning into practice to really get the most from your investment.  We will pair one of our highly experienced coaches to work with your team/organisation to address your biggest challenges and move your business forward. 

The benefits of coaching are wide reaching, particularly for companies undergoing change programs such as embedding Agile.  Our experience encompasses businesses of all sizes as well as government departments looking to transform their process, practices and people.

We have an expert team of coaches and facilitators with years of practical experience coupled with the latest knowledge. Each has the skills and abilities to bring out the best in your people, whether as individuals or as teams.  And like our training, we can deliver a program in a way and at times that suit you. 


What are your goals and how are you tracking against them?  Competency mapping and assessments provide a full picture of your team capability and are a valuable tool for identifying opportunities for growth that match your organisational goals and aspirations. 

We utilise an Agile Fluency Assessment tool to assist you to chart your path to success.  This guided self-assessment will help you to determine where your team is currently – and where it needs to go to achieve its goals.  While traditional maturity models tend to evaluate and measure activities rather than results, the goal of the Agile Fluency Model is to create the conditions of Agile that best fit your development effort, business need and customer value. 

The Agile Fluency path travels through four Agile teams at different levels of maturity. These are: 

  • Focus on Value (one star) – see progress from business perspective. Redirect teams when needed.
  • Deliver Value (two star) – ship on market cadence. Capture value frequently. Reveal obstructions early.
  • Optimise Value (three star) – make excellent product decisions. Eliminate hand-offs. Speed decision making.
  • Optimise for Systems (four star) – cross-pollinate perspectives. Stimulate innovation. Optimise value stream.

Diagram of the Agile Fluency Model


By understanding where your business is currently at in terms of Agile Fluency and your desired end state, we can work with you to develop a roadmap to achieve an appropriate Agile level of maturity. Investment can be in tools, recruitment, capability development – anywhere change is required to ensure benefit and value are delivered to the business.