At SoftEd, things have gotten a tad busy. We've just won a very large contract with one of the world's largest companies for Agile coaching and training in the USA, India and the UK.

We've taken a leadership position with ICAgile (we're the first organisation outside of the USA to deliver an “Expert Level” ICAgile-accredited course). Plus there's our ongoing work in Saudi Arabia and we have a partner about to start running Software Education's Agile courses in Europe.

There are a raft of new courses being released that are built from the ground up to fit ICAgile's detailed learning objectives. And our new hands-on Software Testing Essentials course takes foundation level testing training to a new level. Plus we have made major investments in updating our mainstream analysis courses to reflect the very latest ideas.

As a result of everything going on we've had to make choices about what gets attention which has resulted in Fusion being put on ice for now. Given the amount of time such a quality conference demands we simply could not do it justice this year. Our apologies to those supporters who found Fusion to be value-packed, as well as to those considering attending Fusion.

SoftEd looks forward to meeting your development training needs through our leading courses, MasterClasses and customer evenings in the future.

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