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Online ISTQB Software Testing Foundation

The foundation of a successful Software Testing career

Accredited against the 2011 ISTQB syllabus

This course covers the International Software Testing Qualifications Board Foundation Syllabus 2011, and has been accredited by an ISTQB-recognised National Board.

This accredited course provides the essential ideas, processes, tools and skills needed to set yourself on a path for true testing professionalism. The course is designed by Rex Black, past President of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) and co-author of the ISTQB Foundation Syllabus.

Rex Black will be your online instructor during this eLearning course and reveal the methodology behind the successful ISTQB testing program.

After this course you will be able to: 

  • structure and control your own test activities
  • apply efficient test techniques and effective test strategies
  • explain the value of your test activities for the organisation
  • rely on the test methodology learnt
  • be confident you are doing the right things as a tester
  • sit the ISTQB Foundation exam and obtain your ISTQB Foundation certificate, if that's important to you.

You will get three months of unlimited access, 170 exam preparation questions, three mock exams, a podcast, a digital version of the book "Foundations of Software Testing", and support from Software Education's highly experienced team of software testing trainers!

Intended For

All but the most experienced software testers. This eLearning course is ideal if you:

  • have to fit the training around your work commitments
  • want to study at your own pace, in your own home or office, at a time that suits your busy schedule
  • don't want to attend a course during expensive working hours
  • are looking for a cost-effective alternative, without making any concessions on the instructor-led course content.


Reading the ISTQB Foundation Syllabus prior to starting the eLearning course would be a great advantage. Click here for the Foundation Syllabus

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • articulate the necessity of testing
  • introduce structured, pre-planned testing processes
  • adapt to and manage the psychological factors for testing success
  • select and implement appropriate levels or phases of testing, with the proper participants, objectives, targets, and items under test
  • select and plan for major test types or targets, including functional and non-functional tests, structural tests, confirmation tests, and regression tests
  • explain how maintenance testing differs from new application testing
  • understand the value of, and the difference between static and dynamic techniques
  • explain the phases, roles and responsibilities of a typical formal review, and contrast different types of reviews
  • write test designs, cases, and procedures, relate them to each other, and trace these items to the test basis
  • write and measure test cases using structural testing concepts like coverage, statement and decision coverage, and other control-flow test design techniques
  • understand the factors that influence the selection of appropriate test design techniques
  • explain the importance of independent testing
  • understand and write various types of test plans depending on the project, levels, and targets
  • explain how configuration management supports testing
  • write a good bug or incident report, with the proper content
  • know the different types of test tools, including programmers' test tools
  • know the potential benefits and risks of test automation.


Over 20 - 25 hours of eLearning time you will cover…

Principles of testing

  • Why is testing necessary?
  • What is testing?
  • General testing principles
  • Fundamental test process
  • Psychology of testing 

Testing throughout the life-cycle

  • Software development models
  • Test levels
  • Test types: the targets of testing
  • Maintenance testing

Static techniques 

  • Reviews and the test process
  • Review process
  • Static analysis by tools                                   


Test design techniques

  • The test development process
  • Categories of test design techniques
  • Specification-based or black box techniques
  • Structure-based or white box techniques
  • Experience-based techniques
  • Choosing test techniques

Test organisation

  • Test planning and estimation
  • Test progress monitoring and control
  • Configuration management
  • Risk and testing
  • Incident or bug management

Tool support for testing

  • Types of test tools
  • Effective use of tools, potential benefits and risks
  • Introducing a tool into an organisation


Method Used

eLearning Demo - Try the first two chapters of our Online ISTQB Software Testing Foundation course, free of charge and without obligation. Click here to access the demo.

3 Ways to take the exam

Book the exam facility which works best for you: 

  • Paper-based exam: The ANZTB facilitates paper-based exams on a regular basis in the main city centres; for more details go to After passing the exam you will receive the ISTQB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing. Normally it takes a week to get your exam results and certificate.
  • Computer-based exam: Book your exam via Prometric at a time and place that suits your busy schedule. You will know your exam result straight after the exam and receive your certificate normally within a month. After passing the exam you will receive the UK based BCS (British Computer Society) - ISTQB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing. This exam is recognised by both the ISTQB and BCS.
  • In-House exam: For in-house courses we can facilitate a paper-based in-house examination at a time and place that suits your team. Ask us for more details.

Plus - If for some reason you do not pass your exam, then please contact us and we will grant you an additional 45 days access, free of charge.

Recommended Books

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Completely updated to cover the ISTQB Foundation Syllabus 2011, this book makes it easy to understand the fundamental testing topics. Sample exam questions help you prepare for the Foundation Exam.

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