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Planning and Communicating Change Training Course

Pragmatic approaches to planning and communicating change in an organisation

Change is happening more rapidly in most organisations than ever before. But how much of this change leads to real improvement and how much simply gets lost among the noise of other changes?

In the past, project teams often assumed that if the solution they were providing was an improvement over what previously existed, then users would see the benefit of the solution and rapidly adopt it. 

But this approach has sometimes fallen short and the expectations placed on project teams are changing. Teams are increasingly being asked to plan and manage the successful adoption of their solution rather than simply walking away once their solution is deployed into production.

Similarly, experts in different fields are looking to implement new methodologies and standards but often struggle to have their message heard.

In each of these cases, those dealing with change encounter internal politics, user resistance, management apathy and even confusion about what is expected of stakeholders during and after the project.

This course provides participants with pragmatic tools and approaches to anticipate and manage the complexities involved with implementing change in the modern workplace.

The key topics covered include:

  • Planning for effective communication to support a project or other initiative.
  • Performing a change readiness assessment prior to implementing change.
  • Approaches to better understanding and managing the constraints and enablers of change in a particular organisation or group.

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Training Courses in Sydney Australia

The Planning and Communicating Change training course will run in Sydney Australia on the following dates:  02 August 2012.

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