Agile for Legacy Applications and BAU Training Course

Each of us has a different intuitive idea of what constitutes a “legacy” application, but we probably agree that one characteristic of a legacy application is that it’s hard to change. How does one deal with legacy applications in an Agile world? How does Agile work in the mainframe and Cobol world? Furthermore, more than 60% of IT budgets are spent on maintenance and support or ‘business as usual’ (BAU) as some call it. How can Agile be used effectively in this ‘lights-on’/production support space?

This course will look at ways you can effectively use Agile practices in projects dealing with legacy applications and in the ‘BAU’ space. It will also look in-depth at ways of dealing with the challenges faced by Agile teams in the legacy and mainframe worlds.

This course is part of the Agile Academy curriculum. Software Education is proud to be a founding partner of the Agile Academy.


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Training Courses in Sydney Australia

The Agile for Legacy Applications and BAU training course will run in Sydney Australia on the following dates:  09 November 2012.

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