The Depth and Breadth of our Experience in Agile

Our People
Software Education have a rich history in being at the forefront of developments in Agile starting with our people. Not only have we worked with a number of internationally renowned Agile experts like Kent Black, Jim Highsmith, Ken Schwaber, Stephen Mellor, Martin Fowler, Jeff Patton and Ahmed Sidky, we also have our own practice leads (Shane Hastie) who have credentials and experience that have positioned them as world leaders in this space.

Our Experience
SoftEd have partnered with a number of large organisations to help with their company wide Agile transformations. We have successfully helped companies such as Suncorp, Livestock Improvement Company (LIC) and others implement Agile making their transition easier through ongoing training and support. 

Our Alignment with Industry Bodies
We were the founding training partner of the Agile Academy in Australia, an initiative launched by Suncorp in 2009 to provide an integrated training curriculum for Agile. We are also heavily involved with the International Consortium for Agile (IC Agile) as one of the founding partners. IC Agile offers a comprehensive curriculum of learning objectives across the different areas of Agile. These different areas form tracks within their IC Agile Roadmap

Our Training
The Agile experience and knowledge within our network is unrivalled and this is reflected in our agile curriculum and MasterClasses.
We can help identify the right training pathway for you, or your team. We also offer Coaching and Mentoring when coupled with training
to assist on your journey.

 Agile Training from Software Education
Follow the below steps to select the right Agile training for you, or call us on 1800 145 152 in Australia or
0800 268 773 in NZ to discuss.

Step 1Identify your learning objectives in Agile
Do you only need to know the 'What is' of Agile?

If you only need to know the "what is" of Agile,  then the 'Introduction to Agile' course may be all you need for now. This is a 1 day Introduction and overview of Agile which looks at the underlying philosophy and motivation for the Agile trend in solution development. You will examine the core values, principles, practices and techniques that fall under the broad "agile" umbrella.

Or do you need to know the 'How to' of Agile? If yes, then everything begins with Agile Fundamentals training 

Software Education offer a complete Agile curriculum with some courses aligning with ICAgile (the Agile certification 
body) and starts with our 'Agile Fundamentals'course. Upon successful completion of our 'Agile Fundamentals'course, you will become a 'Certified ICAgile Professional'. 

Step 2Decide if Agile certification is important to you?

If yes, select a coloured ICAgile training path aligning to your role

Continue your study by choosing one of the coloured pathways (below) that align with your role, as this will help build on your capability in an Agile project, and lead to expert or master level qualifications. The below image represents the levels of certification and the role based pathways that lead to them. SoftEd offer a growing number of courses (but not all) on these tracks. Please also note, ICAgile Expert and Master Agilest qualifications are coming soon.  

The ICAgile Pathway

ICAgile Accredited courses currently available through SoftEd               ICAgile Accredited courses coming to SoftEd in 2014
Agile Fundamentals
Agile Project Management
Agile Facilitation and Iteration Management
Agile Coaching
               Agile Testing
               Agile Test Automation
               The Agile Business Analyst
               Agile Programming Techniques

If Agile certification is not important, we also have a number of Agile courses that will align with your role and form part of a tailored curriculum. Please note, although not compulsory, all roles should begin with our Agile Fundamentals training.  

All RolesIntroduction to Agile
(Agile Awareness only)
Agile Fundamentals Lean and Kanban
Business AnalysisThe Agile Business AnalystAgile Facilitation and Iteration
Software Development and ArchitectureAgile Facilitation
and Iteration Management
Agile Architecture
(Coming Soon)
Software TestingAgile Testing
Agile Facilitation and Iteration ManagementTest Automation
Agile Project ManagementAgile Facilitation and Iteration Management
Facilitation and CoachingAgile Facilitation 
and Iteration Management
Agile Coaching
Ownership / SME
New Course Coming Soon
Senior ManagementAgile for Executives


Agile FAQ Page
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Agile Brochure

Agile Brochure

Agile Brochure

The SoftEd Agile Process
A template for running an Agile project. Template must be customised to your organisations needs.

Agile Case Studies

Suncorp Group

Livestock Improvement Company 

Our Certification Alignment is with;

Our Agile Experts

Shane Hastie
Agile Practice Lead

Colin Garlick
Programming and Agile Trainer

Craig Smith
Agile Trainer

James King
Agile and Business Analysis Trainer

Pete Tansey
Agile Trainer



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